About us

The beginning of Lifelong Learning development in Liepaja University began in 1994, when the Adult Education Center was established on the basis of the Part-time Study Department, later renamed to the Adult Education Department (AED). The aim of AED was promoting personal development, adaptation to developing democracy and the mental and health potential of the people. As in 2009 the organization and supervision of part-time studies, which had previously been under the supervision of the AED, was transferred to the faculties, the name of the department was changed to the Lifelong Learning Department (LLD).

At the Liepaja University, Lifelong Learning in the form of formal and non-formal education is implemented by the Lifelong Learning Department. The Lifelong Learning policy of the Liepaja University is focused on the realization of personal interests and needs related to entrepreneurship, employment, active citizenship and social inclusion. In order to participate in the Lifelong Learning policy development process on a national and international scale, as well as to attract funding of various projects, the Lifelong Learning Department of Liepaja University is a member of the Latvian Adult Education Association and of The Latvian Association of Higher Education Institutions for Lifelong Learning (LAKMA).

The Lifelong Learning Department follows the latest updates in Lifelong Learning in Europe. LLD participates in international projects that allow to share its experience and learn new skills in adult education. The department has experience in projects related to migrants, language learning, different methods of working with adults.


Ilma Neimane

Head of department

Lielā street 14, Liepāja, room 439
Telephone: 634 07750
Mobile: 294 21950

Viktorija Jākobsone

Specialist in lifelong learning and projects

Lielā street 14, Liepāja, room 428
Telephone: 634 29249
Mobile: 293 26676

Ieva Lika

Specialist in lifelong learning and procurement issues

Lielā street 14, Liepāja, room 428
Telephone: 634 25477
Mobile: 287 77311