Join study courses in Liepaja University as LISTENER

Lifelong Learning Department of Liepaja University offers courses of interest or for the career needs to any person who has a secondary or higher education and a desire to study. We offer possibility to attend courses of Liepaja University’s bachelor degree and a master's degree study programmes as an listener.

To join 2022 Spring semester APPLY until 18th February 2022. 

A person may register:

  • for bachelor degree study courses, if secondary education has been obtained;
  • for master degree study courses, if higher education has been obtained.

The Lifelong Learning Department, if necessary, advise interested parties on the conditions for acquiring study courses/study modules as listener.

When you have selected a study course/study module, contact the Lifelong Learning Department to see whether the study course/study module is scheduled for the next semester.

In order to apply for the acquisition of individual study courses/study modules, the applicant shall complete the application below.

After co-ordinating the application with the faculty, the applicant shall pay a registration fee of EUR 10 and enter into a contract regarding the acquisition of a study course.

Credit point price:

  • for bachelor's level studies: EUR 35.00 – EUR 50.00

  • for Masters level studies: EUR 39.00 – EUR 75.00

The fee for the acquisition of any study course shall be calculated by multiplying the number of credits points by the fee per credit score. Contact the Lifelong Learning Department to find out the exact fees or credit points for the selected study course/study module.

When the study course/study module has been completed and the final test has been successfully passed, the Lifelong Learning Department will issue a certificate in accordance with the requirements specified in the Latvia High School Law.

APPLY for the study courses as LISTENER by writing an e-mail to project coordinator of Lifelong Learning Department Viktorija Nikitina: