Spanish courses in Liepaja University

!! The basic language of this course is English.

Price - 180 euro.

The target audience is: people 18+ interested in learning Spanish language and culture, as well as in developing basic communication skills.

The aim of the courses is to learn about the culture, traditions, and mentality of the countries spoken in the target language. Practical lessons are planned by linking everyday topics with the acquisition of applied vocabulary. The lessons are organized according to modern methods of language teaching, with an emphasis on intercultural links through role-play and modeling authentic situations. To expand vocabulary, the lessons are supplemented with special texts and literary material - poems and short stories, as well as songs and other original elements from the culture.

A1- Beginners course

From 7th March- to 27 April

The aim of the program is:

-to offer a first approach to the Spanish language;

-to provide tools for basic communication and understanding in everyday situations;

-to give an opportunity to learn about Hispanic culture in its most basic aspects.


A2-B1 Intermediate course

From 2th May to 29th Jun

The aim of the program is:

-to provide practical knowledge of a foreign language at A2-B1 level;

-to develop skills and competencies to use a foreign language in the context of certain lexical and grammatical topics;

-to get acquainted with speakers of the target language.


About the teacher: M. Gloria Pascual Torres <>. Graduated in Psychology with formation and experience in formal and non formal education, art, languages and intercultural exchanges. From South Spain, currently is living in Liepāja, where she has been teaching her native language since 2020.

APPLY for the course by writing an e-mail to project coordinator of Lifelong Learning Department Viktorija Nikitina: