First LTTA of Erasmus+ project TIP ADULT

From 16 to 18 December 2020, within the Erasmus+ project Transferring innovative adult educators’ practices” (TIP ADULT) Nr.2019-1-LV01-KA204-060346 took place  first learning/teaching/training activity. The theme of the activity was "Knowledge Visualization and Knowledge Sharing". The training was attended by representatives of 7 countries (United Kingdom, Austria, Slovakia, Turkey, Switzerland, Spain and Latvia)  and was organized by Professor Dietrich Albert of the University of Graz (Austria), who is the head of the Department of Cognitive Sciences at the Institute of Psychology, University of Graz.

During the three-day online training, the adult education system and opportunities in Austria were presented, as well as theoretical training on various ways of visualizing and sharing knowledge using technology. Participants shared their experiences of professional development opportunities for adult educators in their countries.

The practical task of the participants during the training was to develop criteria for digital micro-knowledge chunks. This was necessary because during each LTTA session (five more are planned in the project), participants develop digital micro-knowledge chunks that will be available on the project website. The aim of the digital micro-knowledge chunks is to enable adult educators quickly and easily provide and acquire knowledge that will quickly improve adult educator skills in working with adults.

Participants had the opportunity to take part in a virtual tour of the laboratories of the University of Graz, as well as to get to know Graz virtually by professional guide.